GREETINGS! The excitement level around here is so high it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve been working around the clock to make this merger-acquisition happen for you. To maintain production levels here at Califoracle, we’ve paid for 24-hour childcare (and companion animal care!) for the past 36 months of negotiations.

Today the human race is in its most advanced state of consciousness. We have the ability to create highly advanced machinery, we can modify living organisms down to the genetic level, our medical science is so advanced that no disease is untreatable and we have the resources to feed every person on the planet. Emboldened by our progress, we trod further into a future that reflects our achievements and defines the next step in our evolution: the merging of business and mind, business and culture…business and YOU.

The Califoracle merger has established a unique leadership model in the United States. We have proved to the world that the corporate structure is a superior method of human governance and management. Out-dated forms, such as socialism, communism and democracy have failed. We, as documented by our continually increasing quarterly earnings, will demonstrate that corporate structure and governance is not just for business anymore.

This merger represents such advanced foresight that even we are in awe of ourselves.

Commercial business is the key to our ultimate progress. Commercial success is the missing link to our attainment of the ultimate in human potential.

On January 1, 2004 we will experience a world that we have only dreamed possible. There will no longer be the pain of separation between human culture and commercial culture. There will no longer be the burden of “individuality”. The chasm between corporate and self will be replaced with a seamless, permanent connection. Where there was disappointment and frustration there will be responsiveness and options. If one finds dissatisfaction with anything in their life, they will have the power to make the necessary changes effortlessly.

Therefore, we expect you to stay tuned to this web site as the details of this merger unfold. You will not want to miss the opportunity to be part of the greatest merger in world history! Life is sweet, drink it up. Califoracle is everywhere you want to be. Take the journey, enjoy the ride.

Welcome aboard, Associates!

The Califoracle Team



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